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The top 6 ladies are now all taken and in fairly stable relationships.

The closest single top lady is Ekaterina Lapaeva, who recently spilt from Justinas Duknauskas.

Slavik could do what Franco Formica did and dance with his best student and make her his partner. Hopefully it isn't over for this brilliant dancer, but his odds aren't looking great at the moment.Ever wondered what it means to be on top of your game as a world ranked dance competitor?For financial reasons, she could not afford to dance both Ballroom and Latin and so at the age of 16 she chose to pursue Latin.At the age of 21 she decided to move to America, and partnered with Maxim Kozhevnikov.Zagoruychenko and Cocchi won their first World Latin Dance Championship in 2010, and earned their second title in 2011.

They are ranked #1 in the world for Professional Latin.

Another interesting video is his practice session with Karina for the 2004 WSS. With Karina, the figures were more connected and there is less separation.

In his samba with Anna in the UK, you can see the use of more solo choreography.

As a child, she enjoyed watching and copying dancers on TV so her mother agreed to take her to dance classes where she did folk dancing for four years. At the age of 11, Zagoruychenko started to teach kids to earn some money which she then gave to her parents.

At age 12, she earned her first major title in Russia when she became the Russian Junior National Champion.

Together they became the US National Professional Champions.