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I'm always proud to see Philip Seymour Hoffman, who never fails to impress.One reason I'm so drawn to him is because-like me-he's an average-looking guy, yet he receives decent roles and doesn't get typed as the `fat slob' like most actors in his weight range.

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But there are other scenes that I didn't realize were flashbacks until I watched the movie with Spike's commentary. sequence,' there were other Spike trademarks, which I felt worked out well, like his famous dolly shot. Hell, even if you're not a Spike Lee fan, you should appreciate this film!But even without knowing those scenes were flashbacks, I didn't feel thrown off, so that's always a good sign. It's a smartly written, well-acted, character-driven drama that doesn't come along too often.Speaking of beautiful women, wrapping up this talented cast are Anna Paiquin and Rosario Dawson.Paiquin is cute and effective in her role, though technically it's similar to the ones she played in `Hurly Burly' and `It's the Rage.' I just hope she doesn't get typecast as the teenage slut who loves sleeping with older men.Even these so-called reality shows try to include the most beautiful people possible.

So people get hypnotized into thinking that's reality.I'm sure some will complain (and this probably explains why it wasn't a big success) that the film is boring and slow-moving.If they do, that's probably because audiences are so used to watching movies with a million cuts in one scene, and more time emphasized on action and sex scenes than character development.It's ironic that he shows up in practically every other film, yet he never gets the recognition he deserves. Well, he is great, and pulls off the Ukrainian accent with hardly a hitch.I also liked how his character would mess up on his English every once in a while, instead of these foreign characters in movies who speak perfect English, only with an accent.I'm a heterosexual man, so naturally I'm open about enjoying the sights of beautiful actresses, but that's not going to impact how I feel about their acting abilities.