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Clarke explains the Harvest Chamber to Lexa and explains that she managed to escape Mount Weather with Anya.

Clarke also gives Lexa a piece of Anya's hair and offers her condolences.

In Remember Me, Lexa tells Clarke that even though some of her people are not satisfied with Clarke mercy-killing Finn, she knows that Clarke's suffering will be much worse.

Clarke wants Lexa to show the Sky People how powerful she is and show them that she can be merciful by letting Finn go.

Clarke wants Lexa to show the Sky People that the Grounders are not savages but Lexa just says "We are what we are".

Lexa is impressed when Clarke says "Your fight is over" in Trigedasleng seconds before lighting Finn's body on fire.

Later on, Lexa opens up to Clarke about having lost a lover, too.

When Lexa first sees Clarke she immediately recognizes her as the girl who burned three hundred of her warriors alive, however, Clarke points out that Lexa was the one who sent the three hundred warriors to kill the Delinquents.

Clarke admits that she has come to make a deal but Lexa says that the issue isn't negotiable, however, when Clarke says she knows how to beat the Mountain Men Lexa allows Clarke to say what she wants to say.Lexa tells Clarke that she cannot stop Finn from dying.Clarke agrees and points out that Lexa can, though.However, when they arrive they find out that Abby had failed at saving Lincoln.Lexa accuses Clarke of lying and tells her that the time given for the Sky People to leave Camp Jaha is up, and then proceeds to give her fellow Grounders permission to kill everyone in the dropship.Clarke and Lexa is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Lexa.