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These are harmful as well as addictive to the human body.

There are a wide variety of mucosal changes seen in day-to-day clinical practice by dental surgeons.

The betel nut has psychotropic and anti-helminthic property due to the presence of areca alkaloids.

One such pathological condition is oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF).OSMF is a chronic progressive, insidious, irreparable, and debilitating condition of the oral cavity characterized by fibrotic change and severe burning sensation along with trismus and difficulty in eating. It has been suggested that areca nut chewing, ingestion of chillies, genetic susceptibility, nutritional deficiencies, altered salivary constituents, autoimmunity, and collagen disorders may be involved in the pathogenesis of this condition.Height and weight measurements were made to assess body mass index (BMI).Fatigue and anorexia scores were calculated using structured questionnaires.Children often get tempted to eat them because of its flavor.

Many people think gutkha to be harmless and consider it to be a mere “mouth freshener.” It has been noted that ingredients present in areca nut can modulate metabolic signals that regulate appetite in man.

The chewing of gutkha often starts at a very young age either due to peer pressure or as a fashion statement.

A large amount of sweeteners may be added to conceal the bitterness of tobacco.

Previous unscientific evidence suggests that use of areca nut may moderate appetite and can affect factors like body weight and fatness.

The use of areca nut to alleviate hunger by people exposed to the periodic scarcity of food has been found in older literature and studies.

A group of 30 individuals, with areca chewing habit but without any oral lesions were selected as a control group.