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C'est rare les annonces Le Bon Coin de gens qui ne connaissent pas trop et ou on peut faire des affaires correctes, je suis assez content !

La facture d'poque indique 2100Fr Seagull rpondent bien aux mails, pas toujours rapidement cependant.

By relying on cedar or spruce tops, rather than a laminate, Seagull produced a richer tone that actually improved with age as the wood loosened up.

As soon as I picked it up and started playing it just felt "right". As I said, it is listed as model "6" which also predates the current model system. From the looks of it I would say it came from the mid to later 80's, which means the guitar has been given a chance to age, and what a nice job it's done.

Personally I think it sounds way beyond the price I paid for another galaxy beyond.

Seagull rpondent bien aux mails, pas toujours rapidement cependant.

The Godins look and spec the same as D'Addario EJ16 (P/B light) gauge: 53-42-32-24-16-12. I like the EJ16's or EJ26 Custom Lights - 52-42-32-22-15-11. 1908301-What-string[...]l-S6Le sillet de tte semble particulier, peut-tre pas d'origine (tusq). ^^ Pour info, on en voit une ici (mais cutaway) qui semble dater de la mme poque (mme tte, mme couleur d'tiquette) : BB2/viewtopic.php?

Si tu as donn le numro de srie ils te donneront l'anne de fabrication.

Pour la mienne c'tait 98 et ils m'avaient aussi donn les bois!The number on the inside label is the one that counts.The first 2 digits indicate year, the next 2 are the month, and the following numbers are the run series sequence.For superb player comfort and smooth playability, the integrated set neck is carved from silver leaf maple and features a comfortable 24.84" scale length, a slim 1.72" nut width and a 16"-radius rosewood fingerboard.For optimum tone and performance, the Entourage Natural Spruce CW QI comes equipped with a rosewood bridge, 14:1 ratio tuners and a compensated Graph Tech Tusq saddle & saddle. Bernardo Chavez Rico was born in Los Angeles in 1941, actually in East Los Angeles, home to the city’s largely Hispanic population. Eventually, as Bernie joined his dad, it became known as Bernardo’s Guitar Shop. Rico began playing guitar at an early age, as primarily a flamenco and classical guitarist. A., which he did a lot because he liked to go to down to Mexico to see the bullfights. One of these was bassist Bill Bodine, who was playing with Olivia Newton John’s band at the time. Rico set about redesigning the Seagull, giving it two cutaways and no point on the upper horn. Bernie Rico chose this name so as to distinguish these imports from the guitars being made in the U. These were excellent copies with neck-through construction. Ricos ran into legal problems right out of the gate. Since Rico was Bernie’s last name, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that B. Rich would have the right to use the name, which it did.