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Beck announced in July 2010 that he had been diagnosed with macular dystrophy, saying "A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor because of my eyes, I can't focus my eyes. Beck related that a chiropractor who specializes in "chiropractic neurology", Frederick Carrick, had "diagnosed [him] with several health issues, including an autoimmune disorder, which he didn’t name, and adrenal fatigue." Over a period of ten months he had received a series of treatments and felt better.He did all kinds of tests and he said, 'you have macular dystrophy ... with Yale University neurologist Steven Novella dismissing chiropractic neurology as "pseudoscience": "Chiropractic neurology does not appear to be based on any body of research, or any accumulated scientific knowledge,....[and] appears to me to be the very definition of pseudoscience." During his time at Y-95, Beck cultivated a rivalry with local pop radio station KZZP and that station's morning host Bruce Kelly.Beck launched The Blaze in 2011 after leaving Fox News.

When Gray, then Beck were fired, the two men spent six months in Baltimore, planning their next move.In early 1992, Beck and Gray both moved to WKCI-FM (KC101), a Top-40 radio station in New Haven, Connecticut.But police sources said investigators scoured Mateen’s laptop, cell phone and digital footprints for clues, and they found nothing to indicates he installed gay dating apps or viewed gay pornography, the media outlets reported.Nevertheless, individuals continue to claim the opposite, including during an interview broadcast Tuesday on Univision with a man who said he had sex with Mateen after meeting him on Grindr.“No one is lying about him being on there,” Kevin West, a 29-year-old Pulse patron, told the L. Times with regards to Mateen’s supposed Grindr profile.“The FBI obviously is trying to cover up their information,” added another nightclub regular, 23-year-old Cord Cedeno. I know for a fact Omar messaged me.”Mateen, 29, told 911 operators in a phone call made during the shooting that he was conducting the attack in allegiance with the Islamic State terror group.“While we know a lot more about him in terms of who he was and what he did, I do not want to definitively rule out any particular motivation here,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch told The Associated Press this week.“It’s entirely possible that he had a singular motive.Several men have come forth in the weeks since the shooting about interactions they allegedly had with Mateen on Grindr, a gay dating app, as well as purported run-ins said to have happened previously at Pulse, the gay nightclub where the attack occurred.

After conducting more than 500 interviews since the shooting, however, authorities have so far been unable to substantiate those claims with any hard evidence, police sources told the newspaper on condition of anonymity.The man who had taken her out in the boat also drowned.A Tacoma police report stated that Mary Beck "appeared to be a classic drowning victim", but a Coast Guard investigator speculated that she could have intentionally jumped overboard.Through practical jokes and publicity stunts, Beck drew criticism from the staff at Y-95 when the rivalry culminated in Beck telephoning Kelly's wife on-the-air, mocking her recent miscarriage.Beck then moved on to Baltimore, Maryland, and the city's leading Top-40 station, WBSB, known as B104. During his tenure at B104, Beck was arrested and jailed for speeding in his De Lorean.Federal investigators have so far been unable to corroborate claims made by individuals who say they spoke with Omar Mateen on gay dating apps before he opened fire inside an Orlando nightclub this month, officials said Thursday.