Sedating dogs for flights

Being prepared can ensure that your dog arrives at the final destination safely alongside you.Consider the following as you research how to prepare a dog for air travel.

When you arrive at the airport make sure you have additional copies of paperwork in case the originals are lost. Discuss With Your Veterinarian If Your Dog Needs Sedation Flying is stressful, especially if it’s your first time!

Many dogs do not need any sedation while flying, but occasionally some dogs do.

If you are flying to Hawaii or internationally, you will need additional forms and possible blood tests, flea treatments, etc for your dog.

Be sure to visit your veterinarian at least two to three months before your departure date to prevent any hold ups with travel.

The Air Transport Association website reassures us that “pets can and do travel safely aboard commercial aircraft.” The ASPCA’s website less cheerfully suggests that people “think twice about flying their pets on commercial airlines,” while the Humane Society of the United States urges you not to fly pets unless “absolutely necessary.” Statistics on hurt, lost, and dead animals appear on the U. Department of Transportation website but are hard to interpret; suppose a given airline loses twice as many animals as the others, are they more careless, or are they flying 10 times as many animals and thus actually more careful?

According to the website Third, 227 animals were reported to have died or were lost or injured during air transport between May 2005 and February 2010.

Watch for excessive panting (indicating possible overheating, anxiety or pain), lethargy and overall behavior.

If you notice any significant change in behavior, make sure that your dog sees a veterinarian as soon as possible.

For example, some airlines ban certain breeds from flying as checked baggage.

Some airlines forbid pets from flying as checked baggage if the weather is too hot or cold, in either the departure city or arrival city, or they’ll have seasonal restrictions/bans.

However, the website argues that that figure may be too low.