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She said she does not want to tell anyone else, partly for fear of getting in trouble because prostitution is illegal, but also because the two professors are essentially paying her college tuition in exchange for her services.

I feel this is an extreme ethical violation, and judging by the character of the two professors probably only the tip of the iceberg.

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I wish you could just blow the whistle on this sickening pair and end their academic careers.But as you note the blowback to you could be severe.Find one with experience in Title IX to see how best to protect yourself.I’m hoping that this pair of faculty members, who have violated every tenet of their profession, get caught.Several of the senior professors in my department, including the chair, have attitudes toward women that are downright sexist.

On a number of occasions I have heard these faculty members make comments about the physical appearance of young women that are inappropriate and creepy.My girlfriend is horrified that I will be out and about wearing flip-flops with my hideous toe for all to see. When I told her I choose the toe, she agreed to stay if I only wear closed-toe shoes. I should mention that for 37 she has an amazing body. Dear Crooked, Of course your facelift turned out well—there was nothing to lift.Stay with this woman and I predict a future in which you end up like Michael Jackson, having to constantly wear a bandage on your nose because of all your botched surgeries.Now my wife and I have moved back home after a decade of living elsewhere.I’m happy to be back, but several times a week, I meet someone who hears my unusual last name and wonders aloud, “Now why do I know that name?She came to you because she is in distress over the mess she’s in.