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by going out with you." That is the universal feeling among re-dating women.

We should ignore the rhetoric from both sides and see how this new President acts, (and is permitted to act)."Ye shall be known by your actions, not your words." Let's hope for the best, keep our powder dry, and see what evolves. It was totally absorbing from start to finish, and radiated much that is the best in humanity.Although folks like Tony Bennett and Cher prove that we've all got a comeback in us, at our age every date severely tests that theory. My friend Doris has found a dozen dates through a senior dating service in St. The first was tighter than Jack Benny, insisting that she pay half the gas to go two miles to dinner.Frequently, codger-daters turn to local dating services or the Internet in search of Mr. The second kept calling her "Cutie Pie" even over strident protests.Among the acts, was a nine year old girl who sang a wonderful aria.

She brought us all to tears, both in the loungeroom and among most of those attending the concert.Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. I'll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me. Read how drug companies have sabotaged democracy and incited the biggest case of Medicare fraud in history. A hero is someone who puts their life or limb at risk, to save another.for doing a job that his US counterpart, with a business at least ten times as large, was paid 0K p.a.!After a lifetime of seeing such matters arise , I think its well overtime that we established independent, national and state, Public Salaries Probity Boards, with sweeping powers of arrest and recovery, if such is legally justified.This event was in stark contrast to the so many 'uglies' who bring pain and grief to others and blight our world. Well It's that time again, and we are all old enough to know how 'lucky we are to get old' in this troubled world of ours.