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But at the same time sexuality has become so important in Lebanon, society still values the notion of honor, often tied to virginity – particularly in women. So if I’m having fun, I can use the website,” says Khalaf. He has been in a serious relationship for three years, but because his girlfriend wants to remain a virgin, he says he has had to find sex elsewhere – and has done so for the past two years through He says he’s met 13 women so far, all in their thirties – because they are more frank about sex, he says – and it is always for a one-night stand.

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If there’s no chemistry, no hard feelings,” Charbel tells any girl he decides to meet in person after starting up a relationship on the wildly popular social-networking site Facebook.

Charbel, 24, has been on Facebook for the past two years and has two accounts – one for friends and family, and the other exclusively for finding girls.

“In one way or another, it’s free sex,” George says. Nadine, who is in her twenties, met her current boyfriend three years ago through (now Lebanese youth aren’t the only ones using the power of the internet to find romance.

Neither of them were “looking for anything serious,” she says, and were both always at home online due to the string of bombings that were taking place in Beirut in the wake of the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri. “For those who are looking online for fun, age doesn’t matter,” says Farah (her online username), a woman in her fifties. After five months of intense chatting, he moved to Lebanon, and the two had a serious relationship that lasted two years.

While finding short-term sexual partners might be an important motivation, “A lot of the time, [Lebanese gays] go online just to have friends, and even start serious relationships,” Makarem says.

But as is true across the board in Lebanon, when finding a potential mate, even online, religion is often important.

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After Nadine met her current boyfriend on a dating website and chatted for four months, she invited him to her birthday party, thinking he would not show up. Even older, married people can use the internet without stigma.

“I know people who are married, and they go to the internet just to have fun, or maybe to date…

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