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Faith collected her belongings together with their three kids and was driven by Patrick to Tonderai's apartment where she was dumped.

Tonderai: so wen problems knock @yo doorstep dats wen u cant do anything but to put yo mind only on wats daway forward to watz troubling u n gives u dapotential to chase yopayment or even look for money to solve the issues Faith: wat break, so we cant ju meet to talk. Do you think if I really wanted sex I cant get it anywhere else besides having it with yu? "I want to thank my uncle who advised me not to assault her or shoot her after discovering such things happening in my life.

When I stumbled across an advert from a couple who were looking for assistants in their BDSM sessions I immediately contacted them and was very excited to get a reply while I was still online. The mind is such an amazingly powerful sex machine. It has been a long awaited dream of mine to arrange a lingerie show for couples.We exchanged a few emails and then moved over to chatting on Whatsapp. If you have teenagers at home, logistics could easily become a hamper to many ideas – more so the more erotic ones. I boarded the Gautrain to OR Tambo this morning at Centurion and like always it was packed.I have my 15 year old child also so I will hear from what her parents are going to say about this," said Tonderai."I have nothing more to say at this moment, only to say that I messed up and I am sorry to my husband about this.This section of Swinging Heaven is a place where you can tell all about your swinging and/or dogging escapades!

Or why not give us all one of your erotic fantasies to read?!

The bottom line is that this section of the site is here to allow you the free expression to let your minds run wild.

Morning arrives and I usually get up around 9am, but this time with a hard on as the night's memories are still fresh in my mind. More so if the atmosphere is formal and anything outside the norm ‘shocks’.

I can't help myself and I tip toe around the house in search of someone who might have not left, other than A who might still be home as planned. I have been privileged to have such a lady as company a few times.

Nobody in sight and I make my way straight to A's bedroom, the door left wide open and the shower running in the en-suite. One night we were sitting at the Coachman at the PE beach front.

I will meet my in-laws for a way forward," he said.