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It does not matter how long you have worked for your employer or whether you are a permanent employee, an apprentice or trainee, on a fixed-term contract or supplied by an agency, you are still protected by this legislation.

This booklet describes the offence, its impact and the rights you have to fight back if it happens.

That was, until the Mirai botnet took out half the internet last year -- through routers. That was when most people found out what happens with internet appliances made by companies that give zero fucks about end-user security.

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Many believe the FTC's complaint against D-Link is a warning shot at the Io T industry. And it's not just because the other two major router manufacturers on the planet are just as hackable (like Cisco) and known for committing the same security fails as D-Link (like Huawei).It's because the FTC hasn't shown us the money -- when it comes to actually punishing companies for screwing users, that is.They're also constantly being used as examples in hacking demonstrations. The company's products have their own section on popular hardware-hacking site Hack A day.In fact, D-Link has been running buggy firmware for so long that it's a constant source of hacking fun and games.Two recent examples include posts by embedded-device-hacker collective /dev/tty S, which wrote Hacking the D-Link DIR-890L and What the Ridiculous Fuck, D-Link?!

In a lawsuit filed in federal California court, the FTC accused D-Link of placing consumers in harm's way with misrepresentations about its router and IP camera security.

And the company's general lax approach to ensuring its end users were safe in just about every aspect, despite its promises. In its complaint, it stated that D-Link included "well-known and easily preventable software security flaws" in its products, and repeatedly failed to test and repair its software to prevent them from being abused.

The complaint also says that "security gaps could allow hackers to watch and record people on their D-Link cameras without their knowledge, target them for theft or record private conversations."The agency said D-Link was failing to ensure people had the most basic security safeguards that infosec-industry cornerstone OWASP has been warning about since 2007 (ouch).

Some of those presenters have even been harassed because of what they've said about how unsafe routers are.

And it's one that's nearly impossible for normal people to fix. As you'd expect, hackers at infosec conferences yelling about abysmal router security have been ignored since well before connecting toasters and vibrators to the internet were someone's reckless Io T fantasy.

and its US subsidiary in a new lawsuit this past week.