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Police found suspected stolen property including electronics, clothes and solar panels in the car.

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The officers became suspicious of a saloon car whose headlights were brightened and dimmed several times.

When the officers drew near, the suspects put off the lights despite a heavy downpour that had caused total darkness in the area.

By the time we went to press, owners of the items found in the car had identified them.

The vehicle is known to operate as a taxi in Kitengela town.

The gangsters also stole Sh 7,000 in cash which the man had in his wallet before they fled.

A security guard who was manning the house was shot on the leg by the thugs when he tried to intervene and rescue his boss.

Four robbery suspects were yesterday arrested by police officers in Kitengela.

The suspects were cornered by Administration Police officers on patrol in Milimani estate on Saturday night.

The events are captured by the CCTV camera outside the house.

Two other gang members storm the house where CCTV cameras again capture them making their way into the living room, where two children are watching television as the mother prepares dinner.

The heads of the Nyumba Kumi initiative should exercise their responsibility and help police curb crime.