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From the steps of the palace he proceeded to the praetorian camp to receive the salutations of the troops, and from there to the senate house, where he was promptly invested with all the honors, titles and powers of emperor.

The Roman populace already looked with favor on Nero, as the grandson of Germanicus Caesar, but in 50 his claims obtained formal recognition from Claudius himself, who adopted him under the title of Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus.Agrippina's next step was to provide a suitable training for her son. Annaeus Seneca was recalled from exile and appointed his tutor.During the first five years of his reign, the golden quinquennium Neronis, little occurred to damp the popular enthusiasm.Nero's promises of constitutional moderation were amply fulfilled, and the senate found itself free to discuss and even to decide important administrative questions.He was introduced to the senate by Claudius himself.

The proconsular imperium and the title of princeps juventutis were conferred upon him.During the first few months of Nero's reign the chances of such an emancipation seemed remote, for he treated his mother with elaborate respect and consulted her on all affairs of state.In 55, however, Seneca found a powerful ally in Nero's passion for the beautiful freedwoman Acte, a passion which he deliberately encouraged.He was specially admitted as an extraordinary member of the great priestly colleges; his name was included by the Arval Brethren in their prayers for the safety of the emperor and his house; at the games in the circus his appearance in triumphal dress contrasted significantly with the simple toga praetexta worn by Britannicus.During the next two years Agrippina followed this up with energy.Agrippina determined to hasten the death of Claudius, and the absence, through illness, of the emperor's trusted freedman Narcissus, favored her schemes.