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We offer 100 free credits for anyone who joins Arousr as well as a number of promotional credits for repeat clients via push notifications.

Whenever a new host becomes employed with us we encourage our clients to meet them and we stay current on social media to inform them of who is online and what we have to offer. Competition is nothing but a means in which to improve yourself. We are always improving the application and adding new features to it almost every week.

This is a more real personal experience and is great for help with sexual issues, exploring fantasies, or simply engaging in conversation with a real person. Often our chat hosts are treated more like the clients’ phone girlfriend than a random stranger.

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Lo único que necesitas es una pregunta y un par -o más- de opciones de respuesta.

Puedes crear tantos picks como quieras y sobre lo que se te ocurra.

While many phone sex companies and platform services rely on the PSOs to do the bulk of promotion, Arousr is one company that actively pays for advertising to promote their site, app, and services.

Gracie’s already provided a rather detailed review of Arousr, which offers sexting, phone sex calls, and video chats; but I wanted to know more about the company and its philosophy.

It seems you have to provide cam/video chat sessions &/or photos of yourself to become a chat host. We did not go into this blindly; we knew what we were doing. You can find adult websites and porn everywhere and all you will get is some sexy images, but we wanted Arousr to be a more personal connection between the client and the host.

(In other words, no ability to purchase content.) Is this true? You cannot do this if you’re merely an image or populated content. The experience is a bit more personal between the chat host and the client.Advertising and affiliates make up the bulk of our business model but we would be nothing without the chat hosts that we have. It is not out of the ordinary to see a post saying something like this “I licked it” Arousr campaign.What does Arousr do to try to reach potential customers and stay in the minds of current customers?Each chat host has her own designated mobile number which is used for both texting and calling so you can easily just add her to your contacts list. Now, that might be a tough question for some, but I would have to say that Arousr is just totally different and we like it that way. 1) We wanted our brand to be fun, controversial, and help to empower women in the industry to be able to take control of their own lives and sexuality.There is no other service like this that enables such direct and easy access to phone sex. We feel we have succeeded in doing that not only by hiring chat hosts but we also have a number of women in management.Having been in the business for the past twelve years we saw the need for mobile solutions for both our clients and our chat hosts.