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With everything that has gone on with us so far, and it’s only been online chatting, I’m hesitant and confused about how to act when we see each other again in person this time.

I would like to get your advice and your insight on how I should handle the situation.

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I also don’t know what kind of activities would be appropriate for us to spend some quality time with each other and get to know each other face to face, do you have any suggestions?I really don’t know how our weekend will be turn out, do you have any insights you could advise me with?My plan is to be warm and friendly when we meet and treat him like he was my best friend.But other than that, I’m really not sure how far I should let things progress because we both are aware that he is leaving. I’m willing to kiss, and we have both decided that we will not sleep together since that will only make it even harder to leave each other.We have both been very open about our feelings for each other, and during our first conversation he revealed his soul and his past to me, and I was very honored that he trusted me that much.

We have also been sex chatting online every night, and we both enjoy it very much.And what is your view of this situation and the long term future Tom and me have? Confused Dear Confused, I’m not 100% sure, but what you may be dealing with is an emotionally unavailable man.According to your mutual friend, “ Tom is actually really shy.” And according to Tom, “he is better at expressing his feelings and emotions by writing” and doesn’t even want to have a phone conversation with you…he plans to drive 6 hours to meet you over Labor Day.You also need to be extremely careful about what you do online like your sex chatting.You never know if he has buddies there at the time who know your mutual friend, or if he’s saving your messages.We also talk about our insecurities, our dreams, and he has told me some of his fears and his secrets.