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The interiors of the lobby seem to be a bit loud with too much of red carpet and shandliers but they do justice to the night atmosphere created by virtue of its much talked about night club .What i did not like though is that even the guest staying with the Hotel have to shed off 100 AED to get the entry to the night club which is something i have not seen anywhere else yet i will recommend the place to the solo travellers who have flair for the russians as the quality of the stuff at this place is much at par with any place else in Dubai .

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This time too, it caused a stir, and was the painting "that nourished all the coffee houses and 'five o'clocks'".(13) However, this time it found a defender in the conservative camp as well - a certain Dr.To conclude and cut short the story i would say that for 600 AED a night next i would rather look for a cheaper place around and happily pay for the night club of Moscow i traveled with my friends,when we saw the hotel it was so cool and nice..i approach one staff and ask were is the restroom she ignore us and say go find ourself WOW what and attitude, that's very disrespecful..i ask one time staff and she give me the name she was fides garcia shes pretty but her attitude like hell..i just wish you kick out that woman..Trip Advisor is proud to partner with Agoda,, Expedia and Travelocity so you can book your Moscow Hotel reservations with confidence.This dude took me straight to this hotel, and at first I was like "ok, this shouldnt be too bad." Check in was easy and hassle free, took my bags to the room and i tipped the dude, very courteous on all accounts. Other end was an obvious russian woman asking me if i wanted company. But apparently this chick isnt you used to hearing no, because she copped serious attitude.

Politely said no a 5TH time, and finally got the dial tone. From the crooked cabbies making a BEE LINE for this hotel, to the "working" women calling on the phone, this place was horrid.

and the service is wonderful but just the food is awful and not good and it was a very good experience for us and in winter we will came back for a vocation and i will directly came to Moscow Hotel.

Reshad The Hotel is very well located at the corner in Deira being open to the street on two sides giving it a perfect ambience in the evening for the sit out allthough most of the gentry that you find around are russians .

So this wasnt the first hotel I was supposed to stay at, but i couldnt remember the name of the hotel i had booked.

So i got into a cab, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE UNIFORMED CABBIES, not the idiots in street clothes driving their own cars.

Joseph Popp, of the Leo Gesellschaft (an association of neo-catholic orientation), who saw it as, in the final analysis, a religious work.