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In the first article, I noted that you can set ......

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Girl : ardham chesko ra Boy : naku ardham kavatledu Girl : daniki Boy :deniki? nidi cheekinappudu nuvvu cheekinappudu vache feeel naku life lo inkeppudu radu ra... By Dan Mabbutt The first Quick Tip Validation Guide defined validation as "the process of checking whether entered data is what it needs to be for the system to work correctly." And I noted in that article that: Windows form controls that have a Causes Validation property can fire a whole family of events when the focus shifts from the control.Microsoft calls this "implicit validation" because the events are fired "implicitly" by .In an especially complex situation, you might use both.

Click Here to read that article and then return to this one.The Validate Method You might think that you can trigger the execution of the Validating or Validated events by calling Validate from, for example, a Button, but you can't.Implicit validation occurs when Auto Validate for the form is set to Enable Prevent Focus Change (the default) or Enable Allow Focus Change.NET whether to check the current value of the Auto Validate property.Passing False gives the same result that you get with no parameter at all and results in the Validating and Validated events being triggered.Microsoft refers to coding a call to the Validate or Validate Children method as "explicit validation".