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ETHNIC WARFARE BLATANT The fond illusion (embraced by e.g.PM Daft Dave) that jihadists were just ‘terrorists,’ seeking only to cause general mayhem and the overthrow of countries’ governments and constitutions, got its come-uppance as Muesli attacks in Nairobi and Peshawar (killing 150 and injuring hundreds more) expressly targeted non-Muslims (in the latter case, Christians).TOP FROG SOCIALIST BLASTS ‘ROMA’ The popular and outspoken French interior minister, Manuel Valls, told the radio station France Inter that "these [gypsy] populations have lifestyles that are very different from ours, and are clearly in confrontation" with the lifestyle of the French.Asked about the Socialist government's controversial dismantling of camps – continuing a crackdown begun under the previous right-wing administration of Nicolas Sarkozy – Valls (himself from Barcelona, the son of an accomplished painter) said: "I approved the dismantling of these veritable slums that represent a danger both for the people of Roma origin, but also of course the people who live in working-class neighbourhoods" near them (Guardian, 26 ix).The idea that lefties did not need to be told to vilify opponents since they did this naturally out of youthful paranoid hatred – whereas conservatives kindly dismissed their opponents as merely misguided – found resonance in Germany where even social-democrat leader Peer Steinbruck was so bitter as to refuse to join an offered coalition with centre-centrist Mutti Merkel (whose only – pretty modest – policy was to keep the Fourth Reich going while spending as little on Club Med as possible).

* In 2009, PM Brown’s spin doctor, Damian Mc Bride, who had done much to undermine PM Blair, was found out sending emails from No.Some had their hands shaven to a point before being made to write in their own blood; and children were bundled into food freezers with knives embedded in their backs.HATEFUL LEFTIES ‘WORK TOWARDS THE FUEHRER’ As Labour’s annual conference opened in Brighton under a cloud of revelations of top lefties maliciously spreading poison against each other and opposition figures,* the Mail (23 ix) had new columnist Dominic Lawson (son of the Conservative Chancellor and brother of Nigella) compare the hatreds and methods of “the tribal left” with those of the Nazis – rather as had Kerry Bolton in The Psychotic Left.So it was no great surprise that the Labour Party (at its infantilizing conference which promised to hold down energy prices while still keeping the lights on) demanded the vote for 16-yr-olds for whom paying paying taxes for the ‘services’ they wanted was a distant prospect.And, meanwhile, the ‘uman rights fanatics of the EU wanted the franchise extended to a goodly number of British felons.She can buy you a car, rent you apartments and you can even end up together married.