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Then they call anyone who DOES actually use their own brains 'stupid'.

They simply parrot whatever shit the Media programs them with.

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'Pussy Boy' anon: ^Tumbler-Snapper nuclear test in Nevada desert, 1952.

This does not look liek typical mushroom cloud because it was captured using a Rapatronic camara (capable of exposure times as brief as 10 nanoseconds), 1millisecond after detonation.

Anonymous: ^The major problem here is mind control.

That you are unaware of them shows a pretty staggering ignorance. The science-minded humans who recognize an amazing feat of engineering, or the simpletons who just don't understand and accept mad conspiracies in place of knowledge?

There are lots of ways to demonstrate the success of the Apollo program.

I can see how the Shuttle would have hurt.: ^You're just defining your own ignorance. It's disgusting people choose to live this way and refuse to get on a diet which will make them into something they can actually smile about. Anonymous: Little did poor old Rufus know that they all be hooting his wife's pussy ..his sister's ... boo: well I'm sure happy these aren't filthy cats or else I'd be seriously butthurt, and I'd also tell rude fuckers to fuck off and die a horrible death and then tell them, one of these days I'll get you! At 98 ft in length and 170 tonnes (190 short tons) or more in weight, it is the largest known animal to have ever existed.: This obesity problem seriously needs to stop. And even his poor ole grannies who's in a wheelchair!!! Cockosaurus-Rex: ^ it's for the cameras sake I assure you, although the typical "nigger" or East Texas Blue Gum will, studies show, fuck absolutely anything including chickens, goats and waterfowl when under the influence of malt liquor. so thank god its just a couple of dirty worthless babies and not cats or dogs! These niggers acting as if they are the only ones with 6 packs -- I wouldnot touch these two whores after getting this close to stinky sambo porch monkeys Anonymous: I see a trail leading up to the water fall.