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In the tiny village of Nikolaevsk, Alaska exists a people carrying on a religion lost to time.Called the Old Believers, this sect of the Russian Orthodox church carries on long-forgotten traditions abandoned when the church enacted reforms.

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“We are continuing to put our investigative resources into the case.

We’re still every day talking to people, interviewing people, and still working the case.

Thomas Scott Pickett, 53, was set to be arraigned Friday in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on a misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace, but court minutes showed he was instead transported to St. W., where a couple said Pickett was threatening to bomb a bank and “kill as many Christians as possible,” court documents said.

The couple told police they were terrified by his statements, which Pickett later expounded upon for the officers.“Mr.

This village encountered a split of their own, when dissident members left to establish a priestless community in the neighboring area of East End.

Fishermen by trade, the Nikolaevsk villagers are forced to share the waters with their faithless rivals.follows the Old Believers of Nikolaevsk as they prepare for the thaw of winter and the start of salmon fishing season.The Old Believers have a history of persecution and hardship, forced to flee persecution from the Russian Orthodox church in the 17th century, scattering the population that settled in places from China to Brazil to Alaska.While their religion may be different, the community members’ struggles to find jobs and feed their families tell a universal tale of economic hardship and overcoming diversity.TWIN FALLS • The murder last March of Glenn Russell Cawley is one of three recent, open, uncharged homicide investigations in Twin Falls County. Charles Edward Gray, 41, and Denise Suzanne Servin, 35, were arrested the morning of Mohlman’s death.“And I think it’s safe to say we’re in marathon mode on this investigation.”Early in the investigation, Kingsbury said the shooting “appeared to have been a disagreement between the victim and the assailants.” A police statement released the day after Widaman’s death also said several leads “indicate that the shooting was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public.”But with one person in the argument dead and the other person or people still not found, how could police know it was a disagreement and there was no threat to the public?