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is designed to put the user in control of how they interact with others.

And wouldn’t I look so much better through an Instagram-like filter?

But Instagram doesn’t allow any nudity, so four months later he launched “Pornostagram.” It became Uplust (NSFW) after a warning from Instagram, which as we are well aware, bans any and all nudity.

VH1 chose the worst possible angle to fail to censor, and now the world has seen just as much as Jessie’s gynecologist.

Jessie Nizewitz claims that her grandmother will hardly speak to her, and she was brought to tears by the social media reaction to her uncensored scene.

Jessie might also fear for the future of her modeling career.

Here’s how the payday, or perhaps she should ask VH1 for her own reality show in exchange for dropping her lawsuit.

Uplust is the first uncensored social media network in the world that allows users — every day people like you and me, not porn stars — to upload, edit and share their explicit photos and Vine-like videos.

In other words, #Free The Nipple just got a whole lot easier.

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