Sonia balani marriage

Panchi is a very positive person — I can connect with her because we are both down to earth and straightforward.But Pihu () had negative shades and sometimes I wish people would understand that she was just a character that I played.” “My perfect guy would be someone like my on-screen husband Titu (Priyanshu Jora).

Panchi tries to speak to Surekha but she avoids her. Surekha changes her mind and agrees to accept Panchi as her daughter-in-law.

Situations take a turn for Titu when he reaches the marriage venue. She gives ancestral jewellery to Panchi as a token of acceptance from her side.

The magician and the audience are frightened when a bull comes charging towards Titu.

Titu informs his mother Surekha about the mishap at the magic show.

I strongly believe that there are many things about a person that can be worked on, but he has to have a good heart.” “I wish I were as much of a perfectionist as Panchi. Panchi tends to analyse every situation before acting — and that is why she makes sensible decisions.

Even on the sets, I am very impulsive.” “Playing a married girl doesn’t come very easily to me.

It is not just the clothes, but also the expected body language — the maturity in the way she acts around her in-laws, husband and extended family — that isn’t me.

I’m enacting emotions that I have never felt before.

Titu's father confronts him about the money he lost at the magic show and threatens to take his bike away if he fails in his exams. Kamlesh is infuriated and gets angry at a postman for delivering the wrong result to their house.

Later, Kamlesh informs Titu's father about Titu’s result being exchanged with Panchi’s and Titu's father apologises to Kamlesh.

Later, Panchi expresses her feelings for Titu to Rachna.