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What to get: Chicken Finger Plate with three "fingerz," Texas toast, coleslaw, and a tub of Zax sauce.

In the South, chains are about fried chicken, biscuits, tacos, burgers, and addiction.And until these ones expand, they're the reason Southern expats are burning millions of gallons of gas on drive-thru pilgrimages.What to get: A fried chicken, egg, and cheese biscuit is good any time of day. Why you need them: The slightly crisp, amazingly juicy fast-food chicken is pressure cooked (not deep-fried), and whopping chicken breasts are a reminder of why this is the chicken fast-food ideal. Every burger has the lunchtime equivalent of a cherry-on-top: a tiny extra square patty in the middle of a bigger burger.Each piece has wonky shapes poking out from a buttery bun as a reminder of what natural chicken looks like. And, because Milo's likes secrets, the crinkle-cut fries are covered in an orange-tinted spice mixture.Regional chains aren't simply side-of-the-road stops: they're a way of life (and sometimes a shortcut to death).

Just ask a Texan who woke up in Maine about their Whataburger withdrawals.Where they are: Arizona, all the Gulf Coast states, and Texas' neighbors New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas Why you need them: We're committing a cardinal sin by saying this, but the jalapeƱo cheeseburgers and Monterey Melts make this the real rival (or superior) of In-N-Out.What to get: The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit in all its syrup-oozing glory.Why you need them: If you're in somewhere like New York "we have a deli on every corner and are better than you! But for everybody else, the mile-high sandwiches are a thing of wonder.Plus, you can eat these suckers without trying to decipher a Brooklyn accent.Where they are: States with stake in SEC football, plus Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana get this Athens, GA-based chain.