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In the statement he has further called for an investigation into groups or individuals who are in the payroll of these ‘foreign powers’.

We publish below the letter in full; National Shoora Council urges those accusing Al-Qaida presence in Sri Lanka to complain to IGP without demonizing Muslims: Muslims have suffered enough, earlier at the hands of the LTTE for not supporting ‘Eelam’ and now at the hands of Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) inspired hate groups, displaying inexplicable intolerance towards a minority, which stood in its entirety with the Sinhala majority in the country’s struggle to defeat the LTTE.

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Mahmud has further highlighted that it should be taken into account that while the Ministry of Defence has refuted allegations of extremist Islamic groups operating on Lankan soil; the claims have in fact been made by foreign intelligence agencies.

He points out that the accusations are being made to legitimize the entry of foreign powers into Sri Lanka with aims of destabilizing the country and establishing a puppet regime.

“The allegations are being made by those who have no defence or apology for the serial crimes unleashed by hate charged mobs on innocent Muslims on 15 and 16 June,” he notes.

While urging concerned parties to lodge complaints with the IGP, the NSC has assured their fullest cooperation in the investigations as well as in taking legal action against ‘such devils behind every bush’ if needed.

We dare them to forthwith complain to the IGP, without demonizing the peace loving patriotic Muslims by uttering falsehoods to the public at meetings and press conferences.

The NSC assures fullest cooperation not only in the investigations but also in dealing according to law against such ‘devils behind every bush’ if any.

(NSC) – an alliance of national level Muslim organisations in Sri Lanka has urged those concerned of an Al-Qaeda presence in the country to lodge complaints with the IGP without demonizing the Muslim community.