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-- Hika Shop version -- : 3.0.0 -- Joomla version -- : 3.6 -- PHP version -- : 5.6 -- Browser(s) name and version -- : Chrome Hello Nikolas. Some people asked me if user can let user purchase recurring subscriptions. In what event and if even is the same, how do I detect it is not a regular payment but rather a new charge? We've developed a specific plugin for Pay Pal reccurring: akeeba subscription plugin also contains some specific triggers from the Pay Pal reccurring plugin so that both are compatible together. based on this hikashop_table('akeebasubs_levels',false). Does that means hikashop have a table dedicated to Akeebasub? "n the Pay Pal recurring plugin, you can check see that Hika Shop simply create a new order when a reccurring notification arrives." so I have to use on After Order Update event? If you look at the sql install script of akeeba subscriptions, you can see the structure of that table: just used the structure of that table for the data to take in but you can just replicate that structure in $results. For example, you could have a function like that: That would make it so that if in your cart, you have a products linked to the subscription XXX (with the value XXX in its product_subscription_id), it will display Pay Pal recurring as a payment method on the checkout and not the other payment methods and the Pay Pal recurring plugin will automatically setup a recurring payment every 31 days with a price of 10.

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