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Inner beauty is what the rest console themselves with when it comes to facing facts. I don’t flaunt it nor do I climb a mountain and crow over it. I am beautiful and every other person who looks at me what it meant back then but now I do with devastating consequences.

I had even slowed down on visiting my friend’s houses because on more than one occasion I had caught their fathers stare at me.

Sex is nice yes but only in the moment of having it.There is always the drama of making sure the condom didn’t fall off and cuddle me nonsense that come afterwards.I know a lot of people would want to say what a corrupt school but if you ask your little sisters and daughters, this is the norm of today.When I lost my virginity I was considered to be a late bloomer.I was with my friend Sibongile; we called her Cbowie for short. I am not saying I was dating him for money; on the contrary, he was possibly my first love.

Practise had been hectic as usual and Ms Du Toit had just made us do yet another fitness drill because she said we looked lethargic in the last match. He broke my virginity even but that’s a story for another day.

Thabo was unreliable in that he was always out with his friends. I spent most breaks with him problem came after school.

Whenever I wanted to hang with him he would be with his boys. I am a girl child so at home my freedom at home is not as easy to get as is his.

Fortunately she backed down and apologized otherwise I am certain she would have kicked my ass.

That’s why I had gone with my hockey girls for the confrontation. Thabo there was hardly a saint but you know how back in high school you used to draw hearts in a book and cross out letters in your names to see how well you matched… He was my man, yeah; an 18 year old boy was old enough to be labelled a man. Anyway on this particular late afternoon it looked as though it was about to rain.

We had missed our transport because we had gone to the hostel to pick up a book at one from our friends room.