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She recorded two solo songs, "Say It Again" and "Press Rewind" which she debuted during concerts with Trousdale.

In 2006 the duo recorded a duet titled "If Only" which they recorded in Sweden.

The music video for the song was released via their choreographer Claudia Swan's You Tube account a few years after they filmed it.

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There was also a duet with Aaron Carter, "Every Little Step". After the band's first split, Sundstrand moved to NYC after being signed to New York-based modeling agency Model Management Group (MMG).

They also redid "Ain't No Mountain High" with Janet Leon. Sundstrand was asked to join Play by the group's manager, Laila Bagge, who discovered Sundstrand at her dancing school after seeing her performing at the school. In 2009, Play announced their reunion with original members Anaïs Lameche and Fanny 'Faye' Hamlin.

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She began dancing when she was four years old and attended Sway Dance School in Stockholm as well as her bandmate Anaïs Lameche.

She is a relative of the Swedish actress Greta Garbo.In 2001 Play's first single "Us Against the World" was featured on the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen film Holiday In The Sun and Disney Channel show Lizzie Mc Guire."Us Against the World" was followed by "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" a cover of a Diana Ross song.However, in 20 Sundstrand performed around New York City with friend singer Chris Trousdale (who she previously worked with in Play).Between 20, Sundstrand was back in the studio where she went to work recording her debut solo album.And, in February 2012 it was announced that Sundstrand was being represented by New York-based Colby Models in which Sundstrand has worked closely with for many years.