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has been funded by the Council for Gender Equality (TANE) and the Gender Equality Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (TASY) in Finland.The study package has been designed and produced by Ekvalita Ab ( and Gaudiell (

The results challenge university teachers, especially in faculties of medicine, to evaluate their ability to create a safe environment conducive to learning.The main tasks of universities are research, teaching and learning.The teaching atmosphere during undergraduate studies is important not only for learning but also for building positive attitudes towards one's professional identity and towards life-long learning.Attitudes, positive or negative, adopted during university studies will have an impact on the values and behaviour of students in their future working lives.Experiences of mistreatment varied, but clear messages regarding its patterns were to be found in each faculty.

Female students reported more instances of mistreatment than males and were more disturbed by them.About half of the students answering the questionnaire had experienced some form of mistreatment by staff during their university studies, most commonly humiliation and contempt (40%), negative or disparaging remarks (34%), yelling and shouting (23%), sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based mistreatment (17%) and tasks assigned as punishment (13%).The students in the Faculty of Medicine reported every form of mistreatment more commonly than those in the Faculties of Humanities, Education, Science and Technology.The study package is recommended to be carried out as a whole.The study package is found in two languages, Finnish and Swedish.Various forms of mistreatment have been reported to occur in a variety of workplaces, including schools [].