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Students will think about how they feel about dating.

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In fact anything that starts that "fire of passion" should send you to your spiritual fire extinguisher..it out before someone gets burned!!!

If you're a guy..a Christian girl who you know has God's will in view. It's your spiritual meals that keep your soul alive.

Students will use their knowledge of the scientific method to analyze and evaluate data about teen dating violence.

At the conclusion of the lesson, students will be asked to draw conclusions from the scientific process that could guide behavioral modifications to prevent teen dating violence.

Show any of these short video clips from "Love is Not Abuse" and discuss. Curriculum from Liz Claiborne has also been recommended by FCCLA.

You may obtain an e-mailed copy from Love is Not Abuse Download the lesson plan.It is appropriate for any high school science class.Students should have prior knowledge of the basics of the scientific method before beginning this lesson.School policies should be reviewed before using this lesson.Students need to be familiar with basic scientific investigation before proceeding. ) The storm of outrage against dating produced a book that encouraged teens to "kiss" teen dating goodbye and go with another option. God doesn't look down on relationships that honor and glorify Him. "Haste makes waste." I doubt the person who said this had dating in mind..it definitely applies. But I will tell you there are a few verses in there that come very close to saying that about teen dating! Hanging around with bad company will harm us spiritually. Teen declares he/she can "change" that person or lead them to Christ or... But rememer the verse above..doesn't work that way. If their character is flawed, they're spiritually ugly and weak. Date Christians who have proven their Christian character. The truth is...they've done a whole lot more living than you have. Don't feed your soul only once or twice a week at church...