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A recent review of the scientific literature concludes that, for the general population, the rate of 'paternal discrepancy', that is to say where there are question marks over who the biological father of a child could be, is around 3.5 per cent.

But you'd be wrong, because, in fact, having more than ten sexual partners in your lifetime is associated with higher social class and educational status, with nearly double the rates in professional women compared with those in routine occupations.Every time there's a sex survey, something very odd happens. It revealed that in a lifetime men have an average of 14 partners, exactly double the average for women.This closeness and intimacy can be continued after the child is weaned and become a powerful part of the couple's love life and bonding. The most widely used term for this is Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR).My wife and I practice this, along with a whole lot more people than you might think. Since breast milk is produced on a supply and demand process, the more milk your husband takes out, the more milk the breasts will produce.Yet 12 per cent of people — about one in eight — aged between 16 and 44 admit having had 'concurrent partners' (the polite way of saying 'been unfaithful') in the previous year, according to the 2000 British National Survey.

A recent survey for the Kinsey Institute in Indiana revealed that male cheaters tend to have 'an increased tendency to engage in regretful sexual behaviour during negative affective states' while the women tend to have 'low relationship happiness and low compatibility in terms of sexual attitudes and values'.

They also estimate that the average amount of time a couple can expect to be together before death or divorce is 32 years — surely that's plenty of time to get used to each other's little ways.

But it is true that marriage 'survival' has declined over recent decades.

But what's really true about our sexual behaviour — and what's nothing more than myth?

These are questions that fascinate every generation.

What will also increase is the love and bonding between husband and wife.