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------------------------- Copyright 2004-2005 Brian Mc Phee Author: Brian Mc Phee E-mail: [email protected] Recent Update: June 27, 2005 Originally Created: August 8, 2004 Version: 1.1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------Table of Contents-------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1* Introduction* Controls* Items* Characters* Section 2* The Karts Grand Prix* Mushroom Cup* Flower Cup* Star Cup* Special Cup* All Cup Tour* Mirror Mode* Time Trial* Secrets* Section 3* Multi-Player Mode* FAQ* Section 4* Credits and Legal Information* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________________________________ / \ / \

With a slew of new characters, you and a partner now ride doubled up on the same kart.

The front character drives while the back character mans the items.

You see, I gave up on this one halfway through in December of 2003.

So after I had five walkthroughs out, I figured this might be a good guide to revive.

When you tilt it left or right, you will turn (just how much so depends on just how far the control stick is tilted).

L or R Button: In combination with the Control Stick, you can "drift".

Really, this is a fantastic game, and my old guide did not do it justice.

This update really adds a lot, from an actual guide through the track to a spiffy character section makeover. ================================================================================ =================================Introduction*================================== ================================================================================ Hello! Unless you didn't read the title above, this walkthrough is for the latest installment in the Mario Kart series, Double Dash!!

Sorry, but I was too stupid to make a table of contents then.

So I thought I'd make one now using my asterisk system, which has worked so well as of late.

This results in great multiplayer and a fantastic single player, too.