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If you study many of the world’s most successful people you will see that they weren’t tops in their class, they didn’t go to Harvard or Yale & in very many cases they often had very little or no college experience. The second major decision most of us make is who we are going to spend our lives with.

How could a Christian Brother, someone who has never been married or in a romantic relationship with a woman teach a course on marriage and relationships?It’s no wonder I don’t remember anything from that class.I say this only to prove a point and that point is we get no formal training or education on how to create successful, happy and fulfilling relationships.Is it any wonder why 85 percent of those who have walked down the aisle don’t speak very highly of marriage?If you want to lose weight than you have to make choices which are in alignment with losing weight If you want to have a great relationship than you must take action and make choices which are in alignment with what it is you say you desire. As Human beings our emotions often take over and cause us to make choices and decisions which bring us short term pleasure but long term pain.

This is why being clear on the end goal and destination is so important.

If you know specifically what you want or are looking for from a relationship or a man it becomes much easier to identify if you are having your needs met or not.4) Expect to Make Mistakes and Learn from Them – Very often in life we want things to work out perfectly and when they don’t our emotions take control and we throw pity parties for ourselves.

Those individuals who had happy and fulfilling relationships very readily admitted that the mistakes they often made in their previous relationships were integral pieces in their creating the relationship of their dreams.

In studying those individuals who were in happy and fulfilling relationships I discovered 5 characteristics they all shared.

I have made a list of these characteristics and if you follow and adhere to these guidelines you will greatly increase your chances of finding and having the happy and fulfilling relationship you really want.1) Take Responsibility – many of the happily married individuals admitted that they had their heart broken and had been hurt.

I was able to see that although almost 50% of marriages failed and the majority of people who were married were unhappy and unfulfilled there were still a good number of people who were happy and fulfilled with their mates.