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Despite this attention he maintains a silly personality which occasionally prompts his band mates to question whether he is actually human or not. Shadow · BOYS · Fi Ve · Four Tops · Heike-ha · Hey!

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But only the Arashi, the strongest club of the school, ruled.

Sakurai Sho was a transfer student who wanted to make his life straight as he transferred to this new school.

But what seemed to be a frightening curse at first might be the only hope to finally bring peace back to their lives and with two of each kind finding together the last battle was about to begin!

CEO of Tagutive Corp, Taguchi Junnosuke hopes to be the best CEO he can be, but his shameless puns and scatterbrained demeanor says otherwise.

In 2005 he appeared in the dorama Nobuta wo Produce with KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya.

The two released a single as the duet Shuuji to Akira acting as their characters from the dorama. So follow the link and tell me if everything is ok !! Just something, I'm wondering if you want me to up A Nude ?? Loosely based on when Pi went to Malaysia in May 2016, but changing some facts about that.Also loosely linked to my previous story, Clothes and Books, but can be read without that, too. During NEWS' hiatus, he released a solo single for the dorama Kurosagi which sold remarkably well for a solo release.