Trade girls picture

Here are a few of the ways that girls are leveraging Instagram to do much more than just share photos: To Know What Friends Really Think Of Them In the spot where adults tag a photo’s location, girls will barter "likes" in exchange for other things peers desperately want: a “TBH” (or "to be honest"). If you like a girl's photo, she'll leave you a TBH comment.

To Measure How Much a Friend Likes You In this case, a girl may trade a "like" -- meaning, a friend will like her photo -- in exchange for another tidbit of honesty: a 1-10 rating, of how much she likes you, your best physical feature, and a numerical scale that answers the question of "are we friends? Girls hope for a "BMS," or break my scale, the ultimate show of affection.As a Public Barometer of Popularity Instagram lets you tag your friends to announce that you’ve posted a new photo of them.The photo-sharing app is social media’s current queen bee: In a survey released earlier this month, three quarters of teens said they were using Instagram as their go-to app.Instagram lets users share their photos, and “like” and comment on their friends’.They can obsess over their friendships, monitoring social ups and downs in extreme detail.

They can strategically post at high traffic hours when they know peers are killing time between homework assignments.

Instagram, then, is a new way for girls to chase the feeling of being liked that eludes so many of them.

Instagram becomes an popularity meter and teens learn to manipulate the levers of success.

), who likes you (Why wasn’t I included in that picture?

), even how many people like them (if you post and get too few likes, you might feel “Instashame,” as one young woman calls it).

“Likes,” after all, feel like a public, tangible, reassuring statement of a girl’s social status.