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A third of the code addresses issues concerning household and family relationships such as inheritance, divorce, paternity, and sexual behavior.

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The In Zend Framework 1, there was a similar helper.

However, this helper hardcoded rules for mostly every languages.

The Code issues justice following the three classes of Babylonian society: property owners, freed men, and slaves.

For example, if a doctor killed a rich patient, he would have his hands cut off, but if he killed a slave, only financial restitution was required.

That’s why defining rules is now up to the developer.

To help you with this process, here are some links with up-to-date plural rules for tons of languages: view helper can be used to translate words which take into account numeric meanings.

To change the timezone when formatting, use the Most languages have specific rules for handling plurals.

For instance, in English, we say “0 cars” and “2 cars” (plural) while we say “1 car” (singular).

This nearly complete example of the code is carved into a basalt stele in the shape of a huge index finger, 2.25 m (7.4 ft) tall.

The code is inscribed in the Akkadian language, using cuneiform script carved into the stele.

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