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The Green MEP Ms Patricia Mc Kenna said there was no safe level of radiation and any radioactive discharge constituted a risk, no matter how small.The report's assertion that the dumping did not constitute a health hazard was simply irresponsible on the part of a national government supposed to safeguard the health and well-being of people.The brief of the task force did not extend to explosives and chemical weapons which were also dumped off the Donegal and Cork coasts.

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"However, although it appears highly unlikely, the possibility of return of the dumped material cannot be completely discounted," the report said.

The task force did not believe it was necessary or practical to attempt to retrieve the dumped material.

Archive documentation show ed that material was dumped at sites at the Beaufort Dyke, the Holyhead Deep, Liverpool Bay, Morecambe Bay and in the Firth of Clyde off Garroch Head and the Isle of Arran.

The radioactive material ranged from contaminated material from Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, to industrial waste and material dumped by the Ministry of Defence.

Labour's marine spokesman, Mr Michael Bell, said the finding of no health risk would have to be treated with caution.

Repeated independent surveys had shown alarming levels of radioactivity in the Irish Sea.Deliberate movement was likely to present a greater hazard than the very low risk that it might resurface.The report recommended caution in carrying out works near any of the dump sites that may disturb the seabed, and advocated a careful assessment of any potential risks before such works are undertaken."Only two years ago the Radiological Protection Institute found that some radioactive levels along the east coast were 30 times higher than four years previously," he said.The report does, however, acknowledge that the possibility of this material resurfacing and being washed ashore could not be discounted."The task force is of the view that members of the public have no reason, arising from the likely effects of this dumping, to be concerned about eating fish caught in the Irish Sea or the safety of swimming or participating in other water sports and recreational activities in the Irish Sea, along the Irish coast," the report said.