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She said no one could hire her in the Hollywood world because she left WWE and there was no explanation.She said the fact that she wasn't allowed to use her name at the time was also an issue. She said it's a big business and she never judged the people involved, but she didn't want to do it.As I've said in the past, while Joan has had significant struggles in life, this does not justify making such claims." -After the breakup, Chyna said she pursued a Hollywood career.

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She said Hunter didn't beat her and abuse her, but there was an incident.

She said that if Hunter and Stephanie had been honest with her it may have been a different story, but instead it led to "so much chaos." Triple H issued the following statement regarding Chyna's claims of physical abuse: "The false statements and reckless allegations Joan Laurer (aka Chyna) continues to make about a physical dispute are a complete fabrication.

She said she had to leave the relationship "due to the incident that happened." She said she knew that something wasn't right, and checked the entire house for proof of the affair.

She said she could have dealt with Triple H and Stephanie being together because "you can't stop love" but didn't like being made to feel like she was crazy.

She said she was wrestling men in Japan for Antonio Inoki and it wasn't about her physique. Roberts said Waltman doesn't cover up his own drug use, but he makes it seem like it was a two way street. She said she made a phone call to her sister on Christmas and thought would listen and when that didn't happen she said f--- it.

-One of the hosts pointed out that it seemed like she had some issues with drugs when she appeared on reality television, yet she said she has never had issues with drugs. Roberts said Chyna also agreed to release their sex tape and that she was paid upfront. Chyna said her sister told her that if she was looking for money she didn't have any and hung up on her. "There was no way out of it for me." -Chyna said she was put in a mental ward following her suicide attempt.

He said he thought they could get past everything by now. Waltman said he understands why she feels victimized.

He admitted he was on drugs and that they did fight a lot.

Chyna denied it and said, "prove it." Chyna started talking about all the confusion and said "obviously there's a problem on my end with all of this." She said she never wanted to do the first sex tape.

-The host read something Waltman wrote about how they both took pharmaceuticals the night the tape was made, and he doesn't like being accused of rape. He said he couldn't hear the show, but people were telling him about what was being said.

Chyna said she was never given a reason why she was not re-signed by WWE.