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Some Sikhs are of the opinion that it is OK to target Deras but not OK to ban the book detailing 1984 riots.

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This country has consistently turned a blind eye to such attacks and in some cases has colluded with such attackers.And therefore, this state and its people have not set the right examples.Indian nationalists and regionalists protested against Narayana Murthy when he preferred the National Anthem to be played by music and NOT sung.This particular incident has 'hurt the sentiments' of many patriotic incidents who have gone onto register a case against Narayana Murthy under a silly act called Insult to National Honor Act.They reason that their own fights are somehow justified and completely valid compared to those of other religions.

Is a 'reactionary' movement slightly better one compared to other kinds of fanaticism?

In another case, Hindu protestors stormed an art gallery which showcased MF Husain's paintings, and filed a case alleging him for 'hurting the sentiments' of Hindus.

This artist is now baited by police and the courts in India waiting him to come back from his self-imposed exile.

When we sympathize with those who banned the book that detailed riots of 1984, and when we sympathize with those who ban Da Vinci Code, why can't we sympathize with attack on Taslima now?

Some people justify the Hindu actions, such as those perpetrated against M F Husain or against the artist from Vadodara, as 'largely reactionary and politically motivated'.

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