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Mohammed, 24, does not know how many girlfriends he has had.

The 20-year-old says he has used the technology to send notes to girls he sees in public places."In our country it's very rude to go up and talk to them," he says.Wireless advances One technology is proving particularly useful.Bluetooth is a feature built into some mobile phones which enables the user to transfer data to another wireless device nearby.Many of the city's black-shrouded UAE girls say they cannot check out the latest fashions in Zara or sip a smoothie in a cafe without being bombarded with the phone numbers of hopeful admirers.

Among UAE nationals - as the minority of the UAE's residents that are not expatriates are called - it is generally considered impolite for a man to speak to a woman he is neither married nor related to in public.

"Nowadays people are really open-minded, although we still follow our culture.

If I'm working with a girl and I think she is suitable for me, I can ask my family to go and ask her family about her to see if she is suitable," says Saeed Suwaidi, 27, the leader of the student council.

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Few have had friendships that would approach the Western definition of a girlfriend. Every day I meet a lot of women, but in the end if you can control yourself that's something good," says Salim Alakraf, 25.