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It will be difficult at first, but don't get discouraged.

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable will grow with time.

The best way to make the process of leaving your comfort zone seem like less of a daunting task is to eliminate your ego.

When you shift your mindset from focusing on the endpoint to the process of delving into the unknown, you learn so much about yourself.

It's what stops you from applying to your dream job that you're not quite sure you'll get.

If you allow yourself to do so, you'll find that when you take your ego out of the equation, life becomes much simpler.

The majority of the time, your ego will only hold you back.

It's what stops you from approaching that beautiful girl or sexy guy who's sitting across the bar.This discomfort was a bigger deterrent than the cost of exercise, lack of access to facilities or not having anyone to exercise with – and many blamed the problem on being unable to find the right sports bra.Researchers at the University of Portsmouth, who carried out the survey, urged women to get their sports bras professionally fitted and said schools should educate girls about the importance of wearing them.It is your responsibility to challenge yourself and make things interesting — one of the best ways to accomplish this is by leaving your comfort zone.Many people have the tendency to build this task up in their heads and refuse to move forward out of fear of rejection, failure or just a bruised ego.He is an adventurous man with an insatiable taste for the finer things in life, and when he's not working hard he's stopping to smell the roses. Austin is an aspiring surgeon hailing from the sun-soaked paradise formally known as Los Angeles.