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When I was younger I attended a Pentecostal church.

My family became good friends with the Associate Pastor there.

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Contemporary Issues The Unitarian Universalist Association’s stance is to protect the personal right to choose abortion.

Other contemporary views include working for equality for homosexuals, gender equality, a secular approach to divorce and remarriage, working to end poverty, promoting peace and nonviolence, and environmental protection.

Our community continues during the off-season with weekend get-togethers.

Those friends who married after attending camp as singles are welcome to participate in all AMUUSE weekends during the off season.

Care is taken from the moment you arrive to make each new camper feel comfortable and welcome.

Each camp is a unique blend of new and returning campers.

Unitarian Universalism (UU) is a liberal religion with Judeo-Christian roots. It affirms the dignity of all, and advocates freedom of belief.

UU works to provide a warm, open, supportive community for those who believe ethical living is the highest religious expression.

Come and meet new people; expand your horizons and participate in lively, intelligent, sometimes hilarious conversations. Any single adult (age 21 or over, divorced, separated, widowed or never married) is welcome at AMUUSE vacations regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race or political persuasion.

Hike in the woods, bike the countryside, canoe or swim. Many campers attend multiple Lifelong friendships unfold at AMUUSE events.

He moved away, we kept in touch than we lost touch.