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What struck me most, however, was how well-trained and disciplined the movement was.I believe this had a pivotal impact on the outcome of the protests.It’s also about creating an iterative approach to a “strength in numbers” dynamic.

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The protesters behind this guide were clearly well trained and knew what they were doing.

They even provided several Google Earth screen shots of different parts of the city to recommend tactical moves: See my blog post on Maps, Activism and Technology: Check-in’s with a Purpose for more on the above picture.

On 29th February 1924 Kitchener medical school was opened by Sir Lee Stack, then Governor-General of the Sudan and Sirdar of the Egyptian army.

Initially, the course of training covered four years; in 1934 it was extended to five years, and in 1939 to six years.

It makes tactical and strategic sense regardless of the technology used to coordinate this.

Starting small and away from the main protests is a safe way to pool protesters together.

They learned from each confrontation and adapted their tactics and strategies accordingly.

They reached out to others such as Otpor in Serbia for training and guidance.

A very big thank you to the team at Facebook for allowing users in the Sudan to access Facebook securely.

Instead of using the regular access to the site, using https:// means that your connection is securely encrypted.

Engaging in violence provides government forces with the excuse they’re looking for to clamp down on protesters and delegitimize them in a public way.