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With much hesitation and “baseball is boring”, the guy I was seeing finally agreed to take me. I told him I needed a man, not a boy, and I left him at the stadium.

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Regardless, no guy tells me what to wear or not wear, ever. During the game, I was on cloud nine but my date soon lowered me to the ground. “Cotton eyed joe” started playing and I tried to show him the dance routine I used to do when I cheered. He didn’t waste a second before his foreign game came out.

He complained about the sport and he was miserable to be around. He confessed how “beautiful and perfect” I was and that he hopes I answer him the next day because most girls don’t and he doesn’t understand why. Then he kept talking shit about America, saying that life and shopping is better in Italy. I got defensive and I told him he should move back but he’s like ohh but college blah blah bullshit bullshit.

If I could stop myself from falling in love, why couldn’t they? Dating should be fun, not serious – unless you think you’ve found “The One”. I established the “three-month rule” after this mess. •up DATEd ‘Twas my birthday week and at the top of my wish list was a Rays vs Yankees game.

Vulnerability gave them three good months but it also hurt them. I refuse to date a guy for longer than three months. That’s when like turns into love and I’m not having it. I used to cheer for the Rays so I was excited to have my team in town. Not even traded because no one wants your crazy ass. I called him out for being a miserable fuck that killed my vibe all night.

Anytime I brought up cheering or baseball, he seemed annoyed. He went around the corner to the bar to order more drinks and I made friends with a couple close by.

I told them that I was new to the city & that I was on a first date.

After him, it was a revolving door of boyfriend after boyfriend. Think of a relationship as a full-time job, because it is, and right now, you’re volunteering part-time by dating. Ain’t nobody got time for two full-time jobs in their 20s. Date because everyone you meet can teach you something new. If you think thirty is too high of a number, then let me introduce you to fifty, that 50% divorce rate. Change your mindset about dating and don’t take it so seriously, but don’t take it lightly either. If the answer is no to ALL questions, date accepted.

My first love was some idiot when it should have been myself. People lose themselves in relationships, as well as their friends, their values and their mind. Once there’s a physical interaction, It only takes me a few minutes to know if I’m going to like that person and that’s not basing it entirely on looks. All I really need to know is if the guy has any of my deal breakers; Does he disrespect women in any way?

Even though I’m doing it all backwards, I’m relieved to finally be alone. Single is not the waiting phase between relationships. Single isn’t something that needs to be fixed and it doesn’t mean you should date to find Mr. Date to know what you do & don’t like for future Mr. I’ve dealt with all the above and there are absolutely no exception to any of those listed. Tinder Tips: I had just moved to Manhattan and hadn’t figured out the subway yet so I told my date to meet me at the bar I live above.

It was definitely an adjustment but I’m loving this freedom. You see, I really don’t even want to invest time in getting to know someone before meeting them in person.

So well that I got comfortable and it lasted three months too long. I’m in New York fucking City and I want to be free as a bird. At this point, I didn’t even care about “getting caught”.