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Before we can do proceed, you must ensure that you have the EPEL yum repository enabled.

Download the official source code using the links below.

is supported by most distributions, updates come with the rest of your system's updates.

updating clamav-71

If 0.99 has a "serious" security flaw, then a proper patch will most likely be released.Installing from source is one solution, but you will have to keep it up-to-date manually -- something that we often forget to do.The latest version for the latest version of Ubuntu may actually be a bit older.As the message is just a warning, you can disregard it.We recommend running the Clam AV Stable Version on production systems. Find Win32, Mac OS X, Linux & BSD signatures in the Alternate Versions section.

For Clam AV to work properly, both the Clam AV engine and the Clam AV Virus Database (CVD) must be kept up to date.Following extensive testing of clamav and the packages that use it in the backports repository, they may be updated to a newer version.These are official Ubuntu packages and supported by community developers.Freshclam should perform these updates automatically. Instructions for setting up Freshclam can be found in the Clam AV Manual or in the documentation section.If your network is segmented or the end hosts are unable to reach the Internet, you should investigate setting up a private local mirror.This unique combination of technologies allows for a highly effective approach to today’s fast moving malware threats.