Updating firmware for a81e

Fortunately, this is quite easy: Just browse to the SDK folder and launch SDK Manager.When launching it for the first time, it will present you with a window to choose packages to install.Once you have downloaded the SDK, simply extract the compressed file to a location on your computer.

Before updating firmware on your robo RIO, you must have completed installation of the FRC Update Suite.

You also must have the robo RIO power properly wired to the Power Distribution Panel as described here.

When it comes to Android modding, most novice users are confused or left wondering by reference over reference to a certain “adb”.

This is specially true when you are looking up something on modding your device, or root it in particular.

The first option begins with ‘Android SDK Platform-tools’.

Make sure it is checked, and uncheck all the other packages for now.

If the Driver Installation fails, make sure you have installed the 2016 FRC Update Suite and that you have rebooted the computer.

If that does not work, try a different USB cable, a bad USB cable can result in the driver installation failing.

Connect a USB cable from the robo RIO USB Device port to the PC.

This requires a USB Type A male (standard PC end) to Type B male cable (square with 2 cut corners), most commonly found as a printer USB cable. If you see a "New Device" pop-up in the bottom right of the screen, wait for the driver install to complete before continuing.

Since Android platform is based on Linux, command-line is often required to perform certain advanced operations on your device using root access.