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However, it is much more reliable to use the Verify Cache feature from Steam.

If unnecessary plugins are involved those become part of the index and could cause the plugin to lose important and required data.Without human intervention too many issues during the cleaning process would go unnoticed and make troubleshooting game issues related to plugins even more difficult then it already is. This is not a Delphi issue because I am not use TData Set, just the ADO objects directly which any consumer (such as MS Access) would do."You" might not be using a TData Set, the ODBC driver on the other hand isn't magic and certainly does.What can lead to crashes are deleted references which are resolved as part of the cleaning process when you choose "Undelete and Disable References".

It is still important to remove "Identical to Master" records for a more stable game but not as vital to eliminating crashes.

An even if it didn't, just because you are using a different access methods doesn't magically change the conditions under which the SQL engine can provide an updateable cursor (which is requested using the Request Live propert in TData Set).

Supporting updateable cursors is not a core requirement of ODBC and the absence of such support does not in any way make an ODBC driver "read-only".

I understand that the cleaning process seems tedious and it would be nice to fire off the program to clean 200 plugins while you go do something else.

Unfortunately there are still no plans on adding an automated way to clean multiple plugins or access to TES5Edit from the command line.

If it's already covered somewhere you may not get any answer to your question at all.