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SRCDS is chiefly used by server providers who want to serve up as many games from the same computer as they can.This page, however, is aimed at mod developers who want to run SRCDS on their home computer.

Refer to the manufacturer instructions for how to do this.The ports SRCDS officially requires are: Pinging your own server will fail with some routers and/or ISPs.-username xxx -password xxx -remember_password Checking bootstrapper version ... -username xxx -password xxx -remember_password And btw - thanks for automatically assuming I'm an idiot. Originally posted by oldboys your problem is the "-" before "CSS" and also it has to be "-game" .... to all the b00ns (aka n00bs): the problem is between your computer and your keyboard ..... 1 /usr/games/steam/hl2ds - for halflife dedicated server ver.Use: Create a Steam Account: -create copy and pasted that exact command with my username and password (which i have confirmed to be correct) and the dir as ".", "./", "/home/cserver/srcds_l" and still nothing......actually the same error. 2 (source) hope it helps Thank you for your response.Just that I saw things in his video tutorial move without him explaining the movement. Just for my knowledge can you text me the complete command line to update my SRCDS if it is located in my C:\Program Files\SRCDS Thanks again.

I noticed some other little "I had to guess what" errors. Corp Ok I'm confused, I thought that when The rabbit update tool was updating it was updating the SRCDS not the HLDS??

-username xxx -password xxx -remember_password an error and its more like this: ./steam -command update - game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir . i do not understand why are you using "." directory ????

-username xxx -password xxx -remember_password Same exact message: [[email protected] srcds_l]$ ./steam -command update - game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir . ./steam -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir . could it be you are messing things up (CS and CSS) in the same dir ???? here is how I do it: /usr/games/steam /usr/games/steam/hlds - for halflife dedicated server ver.

Errors about "Setup Array Props_R" will appear if you mix versions.

The HLDS Update Tool does not provide Lost Coast, even though SDK Base does.

If you need to close srcds, close the hlds window and press Y (depending on language) at the Terminate batch question.