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As many of us knows, Share Point requests would timeout after 6 minutes and these execution Timeout settings are set in the web.config file located at the Bottjer/archive/2009/04/13/Unlike above link, I wouldn’t recommend updating Share Point Root web.config settings but I would suggest using SPLong Operation to execute lengthy operations.

You'll have to examine your code to see if you need protection from this (just set a flag in the click event, and turn it off in the call Subs event, and use that flag to cancel any events that occur).I also believe that there is a problem with setting the mouse pointer. Spivey Hi, I have not been able to figure this out.SPLong Operation is nothing but spinning wheel animated image screen shows up for many of lengthy Share Point operations like site creation, site redirection, or site deletion. a Share Point Developer, you can wrap your lengthy operations code with the SPLong Operation to display the spinning wheel processing screen whenever you are executing long duration code-block to improve the user experience.If you are performing error reporting during page post back, I would recommend that you use the Http Context. Cache to cache the error messages and display the error messages during page loading process.

Although it’s not documented anywhere, another major benefit of SPOperation is it resolves typical Share Point timeout issues.Add have the client check its status using js timer(return the value of the variable). In other words what you are trying to do is to show progress to the client. There are many great hidden features in Share Point like Skewer Click in Share Point Designer 2010 or Related Item Views in Share Point Designer 2010, SPLong Operation is just one of those hidden features.SPLong Operation may be unknown for many Share Point developers even though it exists since MOSS 2007 days but it’s part of daily end-user life.I have an MDI application which performs a lengthy file save operation.