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If you wish to just book on one or more courses, click on the relevant link below for more information on availability and how to book: Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting - 1 day Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting - 1 day Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques - half day Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than Fast Rescue Boats) - 1 day Updated Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats - 1 day The MNTB, MCA and IASST worked together to establish the details for the updating training courses.

The full details for updating training including the self-declaration forms can be found in MSN 1865 and MIN 520.

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Although updating will not be mandatory before 1 January 2017, it is important that individuals, training managers, ship owners and their representatives schedule the training well in advance before places become limited as the deadline approaches.This is important because if ships' crews cannot prove evidence of having met the updating requirements from the STCW Manila Amendments, the vessel may fail port state inspection.Now that the enforcement date of 1 January 2017 has passed, we explain why these new measures are so important and what it means for crew. Previously, crew on board yachts have always been obliged to hold all four STCW basic safety certificates (fire prevention and fire fighting, personal survival techniques, elementary first aid and PSSR).Deck and engineer officers also had to hold the three advanced STCW safety certificates (proficiency in medical first aid, advanced fire fighting, and PSCRB).These requirements remain in place but what's changed is that the two fire fighting courses, personal survival techniques, elementary first aid, and PSCRB now must have been completed within the last five years, after which they will need to be updated.

Updating training is achieved by attending very short refresher courses: half a day for personal survival techniques and one day each for all other safety training certificates.To put into context, crew will need to do one and a half days and officers three and half days in total, every five years.Evidence of having completed the updated training, if the original course was more than five years ago, will be required on a number of occasions including: when the Port State Control inspector comes up the passarelle; when applying for a Certificate of Competency (Co C); and when revalidating an existing Co C.In addition, seafarers revalidating their MCA Co C will have to submit certificates to show that either the courses listed above have been completed within the past five years or that updating (also known as 'refresher') training has been undertaken.Port state control may require documentary evidence of having maintained the required standard of competence.January 2017 will need documentary evidence of completing the following STCW short courses within the previous FIVE years.